A close-up look at what happens when tourists and Maasai communities meet
On 9th May 2018 | 0 Comments |

  My study of interaction between tourists and a Maasai community raised questions about the boundaries between research, tourism and entertainment. For one thing, the local Maasai generally classify overseas visitors, whether researchers, NGO workers, businessmen or tourists, in the same category. I also found that cross-cultural interactions don’t always help to break down stereotypes. […]

The belief that Africa’s Quranic students are passive victims needs to change
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  Thirteen-year-old Moussa had large brown eyes and a timid but warm smile. He was skinny for his age. The youngest of his siblings, he was often told off by his older sister. But even she was shocked and afraid to tell their parents when she learned from his teacher that Moussa had secretly dropped […]

Life stories of significant South African women told through the prism of love
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  South Africa’s apartheid social engineering, the post-1994 victory over racialised inequality and the subsequent recognition that the victory may have been Pyrrhic have elicited a vast literary response, including a fascinating body of personal responses in the form of memoirs, biographies and autobiographies. These narratives have sought to memorialise significant lives that drove the anti-apartheid struggle, […]

South Africa has a reading crisis: why, and what can be done about it
On 3rd April 2018 | 0 Comments |

  The teacher stands in front of her Grade 4 class. The 45 nine and ten-year olds are crammed together at desks, huddled over shared books. Some are sitting on the floor. “Now, class, read from the top of the page,” the teacher says. They comply in a slow sing-song drawl. “Stop,” says the teacher. […]

New African literature is disrupting what Western presses prize
On 28th August 2015 | 0 Comments |

  African literature is the object of immense international interest across both academic and popular registers. Far from the field’s earlier, post-colonial association with marginality, a handful of star “Afropolitan” names are at the forefront of global trade publishing. Books like Chimamanda Adichie’s “Americanah” and “Half of a Yellow Sun”, Teju Cole’s “Open City”, Taiye Selasi’s “Ghana Must Go” and Yaa […]