About Us

On the 28th February 2014, Nadim Books (Pty) Ltd was established as a global publisher.

Since then we seek to discover a range of genres of books to flood to readers nationally and internationally. With titles ranging from fiction to non-fiction, we do however have a specific focus on biographies and leadership.

Understanding the meanings behind each story first-hand is our primary focus. This allows us to better understand our clients and their passions for storytelling. And understanding our clients helps us to understand why and who we need to distribute to.

We affirm ourselves as the “go to” reseller of past and present books, and as a professional publishing house.

Our drive is intrinsic, and it illuminates from the concept of spreading knowledge through reading. We believe that everyone has the right to knowledge and the ability to learn. And everyone should be given the right resources to do so! Nadim Books (Pty) Ltd wanted to extend their reach beyond their global network, so we created bookCOLOSSAL.com (Pty) Ltd to spread the knowledge and save the planet through an e-book platform.

Our leadership content arises from the need for ethical world leaders and our courses are designed to change mindsets from an intrinsic perspective. Essentially, everyone is a leader in some way or another and we believe that everyone must take on some sort of leadership role in life. We focus on more of the emotional aspect that people have to deal with, something which most education systems do not teach. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

We have a commitment to protect the editorial freedom of our authors and publishers and to maintain the length and diversity of publishing for readers of all ages.  We are also committed to supporting as broad a range of bookselling as possible.

Seek Knowledge from the cradle to the grave

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E L James No avatar Writer
" Truly inspirational! From the onset, bookCOLOSSAL.com guided me through each step of my journey to publishing my biography. The team took over and immediately began the process, from editing to typesetting and even book cover design. And that's not all, I even got a slot in one of their conferences as my official book launch. "
Diana Gabaldon No avatar Speaker
" Awesome vibes at our last leadership workshop. Had a mixed crowd and the participants were eager to learn about emotional intelligence, interpersonal communication and the different types of leadership styles. Everyone had something to take back with them which they are now confident about within their own lives "
Tie-in Edition No avatar Blogger
" bookCOLOSSAL.com is always up-to-date with the latest news in Africa. I admire their focus on education and leadership because as a blogger whose focus is on the African continent, bookCOLOSSAL.com helps me to get the latest inside news on whats going on. "
Our Team
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Haroon Aziz
Director / Publishing Editor
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Nadim Aziz
Managing Director / Marketing
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Muzi Zulu
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Mobeen Mustapha